He is the Very Model of a Modern Major Minister

With sincere apologies to Messers Gilbert & Sullivan

(This was recorded on my phone -so quality ain’t great!)

He is the very model of a modern major Minister
His courtly threats of ‘axing us’ have now become quite sinister
He lives in an apartment of a friend of his who is quite bent
In fact he has managed somehow to avoid paying any rent

He was challenged to show a contract and to not try misdirect
So he produced a cheque stub of his payment which was quite suspect
You can be sure to find him every night sozzled at Stable Bar
His choice of women has declined and now is completely bizarre

He spent our public money on a mini bar in hot Dubai
He paid it back when we found out in an attempt to rectify
He may have wanted to join the ranks of the high society
This minister’s life must be hard to face in full sobriety

In Malta he exhausted all the myriad halls of ill-repute
So went away to Germany to find a brand new prostitute
He shared a shower with a friend and they went off to find a ho
They took her to a room alone and prolly yelled ‘imliha bro’

And all of these shenanigans make us doubt his mentality
This model of a minster’s not anchored in reality
Of course to all of these events we should now add ‘reportedly’
And to cover my ass I will declare out loud PURPORTEDLY

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