At Least He’s Not Trump

“Well, at least he’s not Trump”, a friend said to me yesterday while we were, for a change (haha), discussing local politics. ‘He’ being our Prime-Minister Dr Joseph Muscat. “True dat”, I said to myself (because when I talk to myself I’m always a 90s Gangsta).

At least ‘He’ hasn’t blocked people from certain nations from coming to our country, He hasn’t started building a wall, He hasn’t ordered the construction of two controversial pipelines, He hasn’t re-instated a ban on international abortion counselling, He hasn’t withdrawn from the TPP.

However, He HAS given a whole new meaning to the word ‘meritocracy’, He has normalised corruption to the extent that no one can tell the difference any more, He has turned all our green spaces into building sites, He has guaranteed loans using OUR money, He has taken over the judiciary and the police force, He has taken over supposedly independent media and used them as his personal soapbox, He has allowed his ministers and personal aides to be corrupt and to take kickbacks – AND to not be penalised for doing so. Oh, I could go on.

But at least He isn’t Trump, right?

D’ya know what? He may not be a blatant woman-hating, white-supremacist, failed-businessman, toupee-wearing, orange-skinned, megalomaniac, but He has gone against everything that He promised before His party was elected in 2013.

He promised meritocracy, He promised that his ministers and government officials wouldn’t be corrupt, He promised that the ‘wealth’ would be distributed evenly, He promised that He would offer jobs to those who didn’t agree with his politics, He promised that He would look after the environment, He promised that the health service would run smoothly, He promised a roadmap, He promised an end to cliques, He promised a power station, He promised the freaking earth!

Trump, on the other hand, promised to build a wall, promised to create a Muslim registry, promised to deport all ‘migrants’, promised the construction of the pipelines, he promised to withdraw from the TPP. Trump has delivered on almost all his promises thus far. And in record time.

You may hate the orange fuckwad, you may call him the devil, you may wish him dead – but you gots to admit that he didn’t lie. Those who voted for him are getting exactly what they voted for.

Those who voted Labour on the other hand …

At least he’s not Trump though, amIright?

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