A Cunning Plan


So here’s the strategy as I see it.

Our Dear Leader is going to deny deny deny, scream till he’s blue in the face (haha blue haha) that he’s innocent, blame everyone for this early election, threaten to sue everyone for libel – all so that people will, in their naivety, say “Eeee but if he’s so adamant, mela he MUST be innocent, hux? Otherwise he wouldn’t stay saying that he has nothing to hide and stay threatening to resign ay?” 

This will buy him enough time to get re-elected, allow him to continue abusing his power and keep himself from being properly investigated, while he plans his escape route.

Then, and only then, will he call another snap election (in c. 2 to 3 years, I reckon), press the ejector button and parachute out of here to safety in a forrin land.

Too far-fetched? Think about it.

He is NOT innocent, he KNOWS what has been going on, he HAS conspired to keep it from being properly investigated. Ergo, he IS guilty.

It shocks me that many people can’t see this.

This isn’t a Blue vs Red election – this is Right vs Wrong, Sane vs Insane, Integrity vs Dishonesty, Honest vs Corrupt.

#ImWithSimon #MaltaElections17 #Integrity #CunningPlan #FoxKemmGhandu



2 thoughts on “A Cunning Plan

  1. May I humbly point out that you appear to have overlooked, “…and even (hypocritically and repeatedly) call up God to bear witness that nothing untoward ever took place.”


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