Just preempting those who will inevitably yell 'PHOTOSHOP FAKE NEWS PHOTOSHOP'. If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck and quacks like a duck - chances are it's a feckin' duck. #OccamsRazor

Brave New World

“Maa how brave you are” people told me when I resigned my post on the Manoel Theatre Board and publicly voiced my reasons why. “Maa how brave you are” they said again when I ranted on Facebook about the awfulness that is our public transport system. “Maaa how brave you are” they declared once more … Continue reading Brave New World


Ah Nostalgia. What a double-edged sword. I look back on my childhood wistfully – sun-dappled mornings in Marsalforn, long languid days spent snorkelling, swimming till our fingers turned into prunes, guzzling grapes at the water’s edge – feet dangling in the cool blue Mediterranean Sea, salt-cracked skin, long afternoon naps lazily brushing away the slow-green-persistent … Continue reading Nostalgia